How to initiate an incoming domain transfer to EasyHost1?

How to initiate an incoming domain transfer to EasyHost1?
Prepare Domain for Transfer at the Current Registrar
To transfer a domain into our system, you will need to do three things on the current registrar's system (for most domain extensions):
  1. Unlock the domain by disabling Registrar-Lock.
  2. Verify that the registrant and administrative contacts on the domain are current and valid.  You may also want to disable ID Protect if it's enabled, as this will make the transfer process easier.
  3. Obtain the authorization (EPP) code.
Please note that some domain extensions don't use Registrar-Lock or authorization codes. For example, .eu domains only use email verification for transfers, and don't need to be unlocked or have an authorization code submitted for the transfer. If you are having trouble completing any of the above steps, please search our knowledgebase for specifics on the domain extension that you are trying to transfer, or submit us a ticket with your request.
Placing an Order For Domain Transfer
Please visit our online order page on EasyHost1 website to place a new order for domain transfer. Existing customer, please contact support to request the order URL because you will need to place an order from a server where your account is located.
Confirm the Incoming Transfer
Our system or the registry will send you an email to approve or reject the transfer.  Once you respond affirmatively to the email, the transfer process will go forward.
Transfer Restrictions and Additional Information
If your domain expired and you renewed it with your current registrar during the expiration grace period, you may want to wait until 46 days after the expiration date to transfer your domain to avoid losing one year of registration.

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