How to Use Website Copying?

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How to Use Website Copying?
To Use Website Copying in Plesk, Please follow these simple steps:
Copy the website files to another site of yours hosted under this account or to an FTP storage. Such copying is useful if this is a production website and you are planning to make major site changes. In such a case, you can clone the site to a staging environment and let your designers and programmers work on the clone without interrupting operations of the production site. Copying the site files is a part of cloning the site, you will also have to copy databases used by the site to complete it. For details, go to Websites & Domains > Learn How to Clone a Site to Staging Environment. If you do not have another site to use as a staging environment, you can add a new domain or a subdomain for that purpose.
1) Login to Plesk control panel.

2) Click on "Websites and Domains" Scroll Down then go to "Domain name".

3) Click on "Website Copying"
4) Under the FTP storage
Enter the following details as marked in RED.
5) Click Ok.

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