How to use FTP client (CuteFTP) to upload the files?

FTP Clients
How to use FTP client (CuteFTP) to upload the files?

Please follow these simple steps to upload the files from one location to another with the use of FTP client "CuteFTP" :-

Download the FTP client "CuteFTP" from the website ""

and install the setup on your system.Once you have enteredthe details then you need to insert the login details to connect to your server. Following details you need to insert:-

Hostname :-

Username :-

Password :-

Once you have inserted the details click on "Connect" The client will be connected to your server.

You need to click on "httpdocs" as this is the document root of your website where all the files resides. You may upload or download the files in this directory with drag and drop

from one system location to the other location.

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