How to make changes in DNS Zone using Plesk 11.5x?

DNS Settings
How to make changes in DNS Zone using Plesk 11.5x?

To make changes in DNS Zone, please follow these simple steps :-

1) Login to Plesk control panel.

2) Click on "Websites and Domains".

5) Click on the DNS Settings.
6) Click on [Manage] in the front of that domain name only.
5) Click on any DNS record which you want to delete or modify.

6) Once you have made the changes.
    Click OK and you get in Green Bar {Changes made to DNS records were saved.}

7) Click on "UPDATE" to apply the changes.
Information: Changes made to DNS records were saved.

DNS Summary

  • Zone File: This is where all the DNS records are stored for a domain.
  • Host Record: This is the domain or subdomain you wish to use. The @ symbol is used to indicate the root domain itself. In our example the Host Record 'ftp' would be for the subdomain and '@' would be itself.
  • Points to: This is the destination server that the domain or subdomain is sending the traffic to.
  • TTL: The 'time to live' value indicates the amount of time the record is cached by a DNS Server, such as your Internet service provider. The default (and lowest accepted) value is 14400 seconds (4 hours). You do not normally need to modify this value.
  • Action: This allows you to modify or remove existing records.
  • Weight: This is similar to priority, as it controls the order in which multiple records are used. Records are grouped with other records that have the same Priority value. As with MX Entries, lower numbers are used before higher numbers.
  • Port: This is used by the server or computer to process traffic to specific services, ensuring that all traffic comes through the door that it's expected on.
  • Target: This is the destination that the record is sending the traffic to. This record would send traffic from to over port 5060. SRV records generally require advanced knowledge of server administration to use.

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